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"ChampsKingdom was created to help kids learn to grow and be champions of their own world through fun and innovative material."

The name 'ChampsKingdom' is from the combination of two words, 'Champion' and 'Kingdom'. 'Champs' which is short for 'Champion'. 

'Champion' represents being the best we can be. 


We believe we should thrive to be the person we were yesterday and to become the best version of ourselves tomorrow. 'Kingdom' the world that we live in, and we believe that the world works like the 'animal kingdom' where all inhabitants should have a positive impact on each other.


We believe in sharing our experiences and wisdom with the next generation. One of the most satisfying feeling is witnessing the next generation learn and grow as they embark on their journey of life.

We would love to be part of that journey with you.


From the journeys of being a Champion athlete, to lessons of the animal kingdom, and even the wisdom from different cultures of the world, we believe the lessons learnt can inspire us all. Through our innovative and unique materials, we love to share the lessons that we have learnt during our journey with everyone.  

All characters in the Champs Kingdom are personally designed, drawn, and colored. It is a creation sincere from the heart. The message is simple: "You can achieve anything you set your mind into achieving". 

So join us in our ongoing journey as we continue to create fun and inspiring content for all to enjoy. 

Be sure to follow us closely on our social media pages as well! Welcome everyone to reach out to us for any special needs, or just to say 'Hi'!.

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Together, we look to create a community of positiveness where we all can inspire, motivate, and develop the next generation of Champions!

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